European Arenas Association welcomes Peter van der Veer as new President of the Association

Peter van der Veer was elected President of the European Arenas Association during the groups most recent General Meeting, held in Lisbon this month. His election came as Brian Kabatznick of AEG Europe, ended a three-year term as President of the Association.

Peter van der Veer, CEO and co owner of the Dutch event venue Rotterdam Ahoy, has been part of the Association since 2006 and an active Board Member since 2012. Peter said Our world changes in rapid speed. It requires a new view from us as venues. I am convinced that a platform as EAA is essential in sharing ideas, in pulling the strings, in being pro-active on all important and relevant issues in the field of live events. I am honored to have been chosen as President of this valuable platform.

EAA at the 29th edition of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC29)

ILMC29 has taken place in London’s Royal Garden Hotel, the EAA were  proud to have been present at the Associations Summit on Tuesday 7th March as well as being the brand partner for the inaugural Venues Summit sessions on Thursday 9th March. 

EAA President, Brian Kabatznick, and GM, Nancy Skipper, both worked on the Steering Group to assist in curating the panels, topics and speakers taking part in the Industry Relationships and Safety & Security sessions along with the ever popular Venues Panel covering the EAA Stats from the soon to be released 2016 Annual Research Report. The session also looked at the role of sports teams in venues along with the benefits and challenges that accompany them and at how venues can diversify programming to cope with any periods of downtime.

April 2017: EAA 2016 Research Report

The 2016 Annual Research Report is soon to be released and will provide a detailed review of the activity in the member venues from January to December 2016.  The report analyses event data on the number of performances and attendances by genre as well as identifying which shows and performances attract the highest number of attendances across the board.

The report indicates the enormity of the arenas business and in 2016 the arena held a total of 2,874 performances attended by over 17.5m people with an average attendance of 6,120 per event at an average ticket price of €48.59.

The report will be released in April 2017 and copies are available for purchase from the Association.


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