Arena Resilience Alliance Manifesto for the Safe Return of Live Music and Sport Launched
Published on 18 February 2021


The Arena Resilience Alliance (ARA) – a special purpose initiative, created by members of the European Arenas Association (EAA) has launched its manifesto, outlining the next steps required for the safe return of live events across Europe. ARA unveiled its four-point action plan at the end of its second virtual conference, #AGameofTwoHalves: The Return Leg on Thursday 18 February.


The manifesto entitled ‘Rationale for a Resilient Return’ centres on four core concepts:

  1. Creation of an advisory body
  2. A hub for return and for change
  3. Adapting for the future of live events
  4. A safe and sustainable post-COVID 19 Ecosystem



Read the ARA manifesto here.

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Published by Gordon Masson on 17 February 2021


O2 Arena Prague is a member of the EAA
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As the European Arenas Association marks its 30th anniversary, Gordon Masson finds out how its members plan to get back up and running.

When the European Arenas Association (EAA) celebrated its 20th birthday back in 2011, the live entertainment industry was in the infancy of a record-breaking run, as live music, in particular, grew in popularity, and venues throughout the continent enjoyed the challenges of ever bigger visiting productions, attracting more and more eager fans.

A year ago, many of the EAA’s 33 member venues were predicting 2020 would deliver yet another record year, but the Covid-19 pandemic soon obliterated such optimism and ten months on from the beginning of lockdown measures, there is still no clear indication about when Europe’s arenas will be able to resume operations.

As a result, the EAA finds itself as the central hub for discussions about strategies for getting back to business, with members in constant contact to help plan how they can safely welcome artists and audiences back into their buildings while also protecting their staff and production crews.

“Our EAA conversations over the past year have highlighted that although we are all in a different situation, country by country and city by city, we’re all actually in the same situation when it comes to the use of the venues,” reports current EAA president John Langford.

“But having conversations facilitated by EAA membership between venue managers in Germany, France and the UK, for instance, alerts you to how people are responding differently and gives us the opportunity to learn from others.”

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ARA Set to Launch Manifesto for the Safe Return of Live Music and Sport
Published on 11 February 2021


Top names from the worlds of live music and sport will come together with key EU decision-makers for the event, which will follow an ambitious live music experiment organised by the Rockhal arena which takes place in Luxembourg this week. Behind the scenes content and insights from the Rockhal test concerts will be screened as part of the conference, offering an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned and next steps and helping to frame the discussion around what still needs to be done.

The virtual conference will explore how arenas and large capacity venues across Europe are preparing for a safe and sustainable reopening. The event will also explore what support the live events sector needs from policymakers on both a national and EU level to enable long-term resilience and future growth. The discussion will bring together high-level speakers representing EU institutions, national governments as well as the sports and live music sectors.

The live virtual event will feature contributions from a range of speakers including John Langford, COO, AEG Europe and EAA President; Sam Tanson, Minister of Culture, Luxembourg; and Alex Jäger, Sport Director, Champions Hockey League. A range of keynotes and two lively panel discussions will precede the ARA Manifesto launch in the closing session.

The ARA’s #AGameofTwoHalves: The Return Leg virtual conference is the second of two online events, delivered in partnership with the European Arenas Association and IQ Magazine.

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Test Concerts will Frame Industry Discussion Around the Safe Return of Live Music and Sport
Published on 26 January 2021


The Arena Resilience Alliance (ARA) will host its second virtual conference, #AGameofTwoHalves: The Return Leg on Thursday 18 February, following an ambitious live music experiment in Luxembourg.

The free online event, which will take place on Thursday 18 February, will build on the success of the ARA’s first virtual conference in December 2020, which is available to watch online here. Behind the scenes content and insights from The Rockhal test concerts will be screened as part of the conference, offering an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned and next steps and helping to frame the discussion around what still needs to be done.

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Published on 27 November 2020

Virtual conference brings top names from music and sport together to discuss the impact on societal health and wellness and the need for a pan-European strategy for the return of indoor live events

The Arena Resilience Alliance, a lobby group established by the European Arenas Association, will host a free virtual conference in December, which will explore the urgent need for the development of a pan European strategy for the return to live events.

The special event, named ‘A Game of Two Halves’, will take place on Tuesday 8th December 2020 and will explore why ‘getting fit for purpose’ will be essential to bringing live music and sports events back to Arenas and large-capacity venues across Europe.

The virtual conference will address the essential role of arenas as the central hub of the live event ecosystem across Europe, and as key partners to those who organise, promote, play and perform. Arenas are major local employers, hubs for freelance workers and third-party providers, in addition to centres for social gatherings, local communities, friends and families, fan groups, visitors and tourists 365 days a year.

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European Arenas Association welcomes John Langford as new President of the Association

John Langford was elected President of the European Arenas Association during the groups most recent General Meeting, held in Barcelona.

John, who is Chief Operating Officer at AEG Europe, commented on the appointment “I am honoured to represent thirty-five of the leading European indoor arenas during this incredibly dynamic time in the live event sector. Exciting changes in technology, the opportunity to make a positive impact through sustainability initiatives and participating in the wider European conversations that impact our members and audiences are just a few of the areas where we are making a difference.”

EAA at the 29th edition of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC29)

ILMC29 has taken place in London’s Royal Garden Hotel, the EAA were  proud to have been present at the Associations Summit on Tuesday 7th March as well as being the brand partner for the inaugural Venues Summit sessions on Thursday 9th March. 

EAA President, Brian Kabatznick, and GM, Nancy Skipper, both worked on the Steering Group to assist in curating the panels, topics and speakers taking part in the Industry Relationships and Safety & Security sessions along with the ever popular Venues Panel covering the EAA Stats from the soon to be released 2016 Annual Research Report. The session also looked at the role of sports teams in venues along with the benefits and challenges that accompany them and at how venues can diversify programming to cope with any periods of downtime.

April 2017: EAA 2016 Research Report

The 2016 Annual Research Report is soon to be released and will provide a detailed review of the activity in the member venues from January to December 2016.  The report analyses event data on the number of performances and attendances by genre as well as identifying which shows and performances attract the highest number of attendances across the board.

The report indicates the enormity of the arenas business and in 2016 the arena held a total of 2,874 performances attended by over 17.5m people with an average attendance of 6,120 per event at an average ticket price of €48.59.

The report will be released in April 2017 and copies are available for purchase from the Association.


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